We are an international distributor, service, support, and training organization providing integrated laser-based solutions across multiple medical disciplines. Pioneers in the medical laser marketplace.  Surgical Lasrs Inc. has been instrumental in introducing some of the first and now most successful medical laser solutions across multiple medical disciplines. These disciplines include urology, gynecology, ophthalmology, thoracic, ENT, cardiovascular, and neurosurgery, many of which are now considered the standard of care for treatment.

In partnership with the world’s leading urology laser manufacturers, we focus on clinical efficacy, evidence-based research, proven technologies, and value. This allows us to deliver practical solutions which enhance patient care and introduce operational and financial benefits to the practice. In this regard, we deliver measurable benefits to patients, clinicians, and the medical system alike. We offer the following benefits:

  • Enhanced patient care
  • Minimally invasive laser treatments
  • Value based, cost-effective & practical laser based solutions
  • Best of breed technology, cost effective consumables, unparalleled support & comprehensive educational programs
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